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CFG provides compensation solutions to community banks and other financial institutions with Qualified and non-qualified programs that increase shareholder value. We design plans to meet specific goals for banks -- their executives and directors, their owners and employees. Our process helps the bank's key people identify and realize their long-term financial objectives, they also promote improved financial performance for the institution. Our plan design considers each employee benefit expense from the shareholder's perspective, demanding an adequate return from the benefit investment. From the pre analysis to implementation Our process assures returns by ensuring that each of its plans:

  • Provide benefits that promote maximum incentives to employees to increase profitability and help attract and retain key people.
  • Ensure the employees most responsible for the bank's success are appropriately rewarded.
  • Ensure benefits are delivered so as to maximize profits. In short, our process will maximize the positive motivational aspects of a bank's salary and benefit expenses to create increased earnings on a current basis, and in turn, increased shareholder value.

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"The Capitol Financial Group is knowledgeable, trustworthy and extremely easy to communicate with. I found them to always have our best interest in mind. They were very thorough, accurate and creative when designing both our company’s benefit packages and executive wealth transfer planning arrangements."

Bob Shaw, President
Allied Plywood Corporation, Inc.
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