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Strategic Services Overview
The following is a brief description of creative strategic services to help privately held companies and affluent individuals.

  • Protecting wealth of closely held family owned corporations from estate tax depletion, while giving the company and family members the peace of mind that shares will not end up in hostile hands.

  • Using separate account life insurance to transfer wealth on a tax favorable basis with a policy design that improves the rate of return to life expectancy and beyond.

  • Rewarding both family and non-family employees with incentive based, non-qualified, supplemental executive retirement programs.

  • Developing equalization strategies that distribute assets fairly to children, whether they are active or not active in the family business.

  • Design business succession initiatives that preserve operating control and business decisions in the hands of senior shareholders or management.

  • Identifying strategies to leverage asset transfers during lifetime, without compromising control.

  • Design multi-generational, blood-line dynasty trusts, allowing shares of company stock and other assets to pass from generation to generation free of estate taxes.

  • Implementing living transition plans through a combination of business succession initiatives, without creating a financial drain on company resources.

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"The Capitol Financial Group is knowledgeable, trustworthy and extremely easy to communicate with. I found them to always have our best interest in mind. They were very thorough, accurate and creative when designing both our company’s benefit packages and executive wealth transfer planning arrangements."

Bob Shaw, President
Allied Plywood Corporation, Inc.
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