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There may have been a time when finances were straight forward, and when financial goals were easy to identify and work toward. Times have changed. Today's complex tax and inheritance laws and the diversity of options and planning strategies demand a commitment of time and expertise that most busy individuals are unwilling or unable to make.

Business owners and affluent individuals understand that sound, comprehensive financial advice and planning makes all the difference in how comfortable their retirement will be, and how much will be passed on to their heirs. That's why today more than ever, these individuals turn to experts to help protect and preserve their financial resources.

At CFG, we have dedicated all of our time and resources to assemble professional planners, and insurance specialists to provide net worth advice, with the constant goal of protecting and preserving clients assets, year after year, generation after generation.

As you preview the enclosed information, I would encourage you to consider how our firm could make a valuable contribution to your financial planning matters.

Thank you for your time and the possible opportunity to be of service to you.

Randal Seal
R. Randal Seal

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"The Capitol Financial Group’s advice and knowledge was exceptionally helpful in assisting my family and I with our estate planning matters. I have great confidence in them and they continue to be a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend the Capitol Financial Group to others."

Preston C. Caruthers, President
Snell & Caruthers
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