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Mission and Organization
Our Philosophy
Relationships are built over many years. We believe that in order to be understood, we must first understand. We listen intently to our clients and recognize each one of them have unique situations. We take extraordinary amounts of time and diligence to ensure our clients are provided with sound, innovative, comprehensive advise, as well as options and solutions to meet there expressed needs, goals, and desires.

Because of our advanced level of technical expertise, deep resources, and strategic partnering approach, our intentions are not to replace your current legal and tax advisors. We want to work with them, capturing everyone's best thinking.

Our goal is to be a life long advisor to our clients for multiple generations to come.

Our Experience
Now in our second decade, we have learned that we cannot be everything to everyone. Size is relative. We are big enough to offer big firm advice, but small enough that every client is significant. One of our strengths (derived from our small size and deliberate choice to service only a select number of clients) is our ability to have a principal-to-principal relationship with our clients.