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Wealth Transfer Planning

Our Wide-Ranging Services Include

Coordination with Succession Plans
By actively working with our clients and other professional advisers, we are able to coordinate estate planning with wealth and family business succession strategies designed to shift asset growth, freeze estate growth, and reduce gift and estate taxes on transfers of assets.

Valuation Discounting
In transferring wealth, we identify discounting strategies that create opportunities to minimize gift and estate taxes.

For family business owners, we identify alternative strategies to equalize estate assets among all children and perhaps grand-children- whether active or inactive in the family business.

We suggest high impact strategies to maximize the annual gift tax exclusions, the increasing applicable exclusion amount, and the generation skipping transfer tax exemptions in conjunction with the use of trusts.

Liquidity Analysis
We thoroughly analyze the liquidity options available and design liquidity initiatives that will pay estate taxes for your estate not from your estate.

Family Meetings
We involve family members by making them aware of financial aspects of transferring the business and other wealth to the next generation. Additionally we can assist you and family members about the negative impact of passing large amounts of family wealth and implement family governance strategies that will pass along values by encouraging responsible behaviors in future generations.

The charitable giving strategies we design include exploring charitable trust, creating family foundations and working with local community charitable organizations.

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"The Capitol Financial Group is knowledgeable, trustworthy and extremely easy to communicate with. I found them to always have our best interest in mind. They were very thorough, accurate and creative when designing both our company’s benefit packages and executive wealth transfer planning arrangements."

Bob Shaw, President
Allied Plywood Corporation, Inc.
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